Your Basic Guide to Casino Safety

Casinos are safeguarded by tight security, and are therefore generally safe for casino players. However, with some cash being dragged about every now and then, your casino safety is still at risk. Even though casinos make sure that their establishment and their players are highly protected, it is still our responsibility to ensure our safety. Therefore, here are some tips for your casino safety:

Be mindful when passing by crowded areas in the casino. The cramped areas in the casinos are mostly the restaurants and the line at the dinner buffet during meal hours. During peak hours when the casino becomes crowded, it is possible to avis physical body contact. For your casino safety, be mindful of your belongings at this point. Somebody might fish something from your purse or pocket and no on might notice it.

Do not place your purse somewhere besides your lap while playing. It is harmful to your casino safety to place your purse on empty chairs, slot machine trays and the floor. You can get preoccupied with your game and not notice that your purse has been snatched. Your lap is the only safe place that you can put your purse on.

Prepare some extra cash for valet. Valet is more expensive than ordinary parking, but it still worth it if you have a large pile of cash on hand. This will ensure your casino safety even after you have stepped outside the casino. It is extremely risky to walk in the parking lot alone, especially if it is during the wee hours of the morning.

Ask for security escort if you have just won tons of cash. If you have won a significant amount of money, casino security can escort you to the casino hotel, so this is a good privilege for checking in the casino hotel. You can also ask them to escort you to the parking lot should you have a car waiting for you.

Stop bragging that newfound money. Sure, it is quite easy to brag that money around especially if you won by demonstrating your hard-earned skills. However, this innocent move can indeed bring you great danger with people who are capable of doing anything to steal your money. After you have cashed in your winnings, discreetly pocket your newfound money right away.

Your casino safety is your very own accountability. Although it is in extreme cases that you get mugged or hurt, always remember that there's this risk of you being in danger, and the only way to protect yourself is to be personally responsible for your casino safety.

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