What Are The Worst Bets You Can Do In The Casino?

If there is such thing as best bet then there are their opposites, which are the worst bets. It is not only important that you learn about the best bets, but it is equally important to know the worst bets. And the sole purpose of this is to avoid them.

*Live Keno Bets

Lottery is a game we can compare to the game of Keno. In this kind of game the house advantage is significantly higher than the player's. Numbers are drawn in random order and hitting the correct numbers is very difficult.

As much as possible do not bet too much on this kind of game to avoid losing a lot of money.

*Six Wheel Bets

Playing this game is really exciting, it is like playing with friends on a carnival, but did you know that the casino advantage ranges from 11-14%. Well, that's quite big.

*Caribbean Bets

The stud side bet in Caribbean game is a worst bet. The casino has an advantage over us of about 26%.

*Baccarat Bets

You must be familiar with Tie Betting. Yes, this is another kind of bet that you must not make. The casino has a very high advantage of 14.36%. Choose, if you are to bet, on the side of the banker or the players' side but not both.

*Insurance Bets

Insurance is an option you can take while playing Blackjack. Taking insurance is an unwise decision. As much as possible do not take this bet, it is like giving the casino half of what you wagered.

*Hunch Play Bets

Competing with other player who have the skill in Blackjack more than you do is a hunch play. Do not continue on with this game. Your opponent has an advantage of 20% over you.

*Let It Ride Bets

Every casino has different pay tables, so this kind of side bet varies differently. However, no matter what the pay table is, it is still the house advantage that is taking over. The casino has a 13-36% advantage over you on this kind of side bet.

*Proposition Bets

Craps has an option that is called the proposition bet. The house advantage can have as high as 16.7% over the player. These are bets done on the hard side of the game and the other one is done on the roll bets.

*Roulette Bets

American Wheel on Roulette gives the casino a 5.36% against the player but if you bet on their five deadly bets which are: 0-00-1-2-3, the casino advantage will increase to 7.89, and you do not want that to happen.

European Wheel on Roulette can give you only a 2.7% battle with the casino.

This is the reason why more Roulette game lovers choose to play on European Wheels rather than American Wheels.