Here Comes The Battle Of The Beetles!

Have you ever witnessed big animals such as elephants, lions and tigers fight each other for survival? Perhaps some of you have viewed these fights in the movies or on television channels. Awesome and gruesome , isn't it? The animal kingdom is full of predators. Sometimes the animals pry on their own fellow species or stalk other animals to live on.

They kill or eat their enemies in lieu of edible plants or flowers or roots. These voracious creatures are in constant watch for their existence during cold wintry months and dry hot months. Although generally they live in harmony and in peace, man has threatened their instinct to live.

Man has become a predator. Hunters have invaded the forests , the swamps and the jungle abode for the purpose of capturing them to use for illegal uses such as pitting one tiger with another tiger for a wager, or for domesticating and or preserving them to safeguard them from nonexistence/ Man has always loved animals from dogs , to horses, to fishes, to rabbits, to beetles.

However, man has its bad side especially where money is concerned. Animals become the commodity in exchange for money. The animal's life is gambled to make way for man's greediness.

The kingdom of the beetles has attracted some followers to have them pitted against each other. Two very strong beetles are placed on a slim stick or pole about two feet long. A beetle is placed on each end and are prodded to move to the center. Once the two beetles meet each other the contest begins.

A beetle has six legs to cling on to the stick. The beetle wants a right of way to reach the end. The beetle shoves and pushes and tries to maneuver one of his legs to step on his opponent. A beetle can go upside down the stick to outmaneuver his opponent but since this is a difficult position to maintain he must go up again and assume an upright stance . So it is back to the combat position which is a head on positioning.

The fight continues until one beetle falls of the stick and wins the game. During the fight the spectators are held at a distance to avoid giving aid to the bettors choice.

Bets are placed prior to the placing of the beetles on the two feet stick. No bets can be made while the fight is going on. It is interesting to note that man has found that this beetle has a hard back and six strong spiny legs that cling hard to tree barks, leaves,and even fiber clothes.

When they do stick to a cloth one needs to exert a little more pulling motion to remove the legs.. An injured leg disqualifies a beetle to compete. The betting goes on as long as there are beetles .Owners keep their pick of beetles in a container and takes out a choice when he joins a game.

Some factors that could cause a beetle to lose is when the game is done outdoors. Strong wind could cause the beetle to fall or a slippery stick could cause them to lose coordination and cause imbalance to fall. Or in the process of a selection a beetle could have been mishandled causing injury to a leg or two. The stick must be firmly balanced for fairness.

Players have a wide choice of beetles. There are those who climb trees or loiter around wooded areas in search of beetles and gather them to offer them up for sale.

It is a simple game that one can engage in. It is fun to watch the endurance of these beetles.

It doesn't take long to know the results. It's a simple game of sports.