Casino destinations

Every year crowds of people visit the famous Las Vegas strip and even more dream of visiting this casino Mecca. But modern map of gambling destinations includes many more spots.

Since the first casinos were built in the middle of the Nevada desert in 1950s, eyes of all the gamblers in the world began to turn towards the city which soon became one of the most recognizable casino destinations – Las Vegas.

Admired by casino players, Las Vegas became popular also among movie stars and other artists, and through many songs and films, the city soon became famous all over the world. Though many consider it tacky, there is no doubt it is one of the most often visited cities in the USA. And with such worldwide known casino resorts as Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, MGM or the characteristic Luxor, casino fans are sure to find there all they are looking for and much more.

But the world of gambling does not end with Las Vegas. Not leaving the USA, gaming fans have many destinations to choose from. Among them are casinos located within Native Americans reservations, which benefit from the law that allows them to host casino games despite the strict state regulations. One of such venues, and also one the world’s largest casinos is the Foxwoods resort in Connecticut, managed by the Pequot tribe, which uses a large part of the casino income to preserve tribal cultural heritage.

Casino destination map would not be full without Macau. Since the legalization of gambling in 1847, this Asian enclave first was a popular gambling spot in this part of the world. Nowadays Macau is famous for large luxurious casino resorts, which can be compared only to those in Las Vegas.

With all this diversity, planning your next casino trip, it may be a good idea to look further than the deserts of Nevada.