What Flops Do You Have?

At the flop, the third community card is revealed. This means that out of the seven cards available to the player, five of them are already known. This means that whoever is holding the best hand at the flop, will most likely win. The two remaining cards that will be opened may improve other hands. But it is just as likely that these two last community cards can strengthen the hand which is already the best one.

Therefore, at the flop, one must already decide whether one will invest more money after the flop or not. Here is a way of classifying the flops.

- Scare cards - The scare cards refer to Aces and the face cards. Face cards are the Kings, the Queens, and the Jacks. These are called scare cards because when a poker player plays them, one can assume that this player has a high pair and such a premium hand can scare everyone else to fold. To play at this flop, one should have a card that already forms a high pair with one of the scare cards.

- Garbage cards - Garbage cards are low cards such as 2, 4,and 5. These cards at the flop will unlikely improve the hand of most players. Therefore, anyone with a high pair or high card should play. The only thing to worry about is the pocket card of the blind. Thus, with low flop cards, one should carefully observe the blind. If the blind is excited or appears content and happy with the flop, then he could have two pairs.

- Pair flops - A pair appears at the flop and this can significantly improve most hands at the table. There is also a possibility that one of the players will form a full house, especially if the flop has a high pair. To assure that one can win with such a flop, one should also form a pair which is higher than the one on the board.

- Drawing flops - These are flops that contain two cards that are suited or cards that are in sequence or close to a sequence. These flops allow flushes and straights. Therefore, any player who holds pocket cards that have the same suit as the community cards will have a 33% chance that he will make a flush. And most players will go for straight.

- Pat hands - These are flops made of three cards of the same suit or three cards that are in sequence. This is similar to the drawing flops, except that the three cards can be combined in one hand. With these flops, one must again observe his opponents. If there is already a lot of betting and raising, then one can assume that one of the opponents has already formed a flush. If one has formed a flush, too, with a high card, then one should play. And if one has already formed the high end of the straight, then one should also play. Otherwise, one should just fold.

When one has already determined the kind of flop on the board, then one must decide whether he should play or not.

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