First Casino in Singapore

Consider the fact that there is Las Vegas and Macau, which is now labeled as the "Las Vegas of Asia", and other numerous casinos around the world. Why is it that so many countries are establishing casinos?

If one will examine gambling, it is just the art of betting, mathematics, matter of calculating mentally, logic and rarely believing in luck. Mostly though it is risk undertaking for one has to wager a small to big amount of money in the hope of winning back more.

Given these scenarios which happen everywhere, casinos are now intimate with today's progress in many countries. Therefore this question comes to mind; will casinos be no longer inseparable with the idea of economic booming and interest of some of the countries wishing to increase their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) more?

In a rough approximation in the year 2009, Singapore will be setting its new identity. Even though everyone knows Singapore for its tiger's economy whom shared that label with Taiwan for their similitude miraculous transformation as one of the well established and stable government and economy in that region of Southeast Asia, they are still proceeding with opening casinos.

Singapore is now capitalizing on Marina Bay and Sentosa Island's transformation from a sleepy town to an energetic hot spot for locals and tourists. Singapore was labeled a third world country until the year 1959 when Lee Kwan Yew became prime minister. He led Singapore's economy with good vision and an autocratic streak to mobilize the citizenry for civil obedience and ordinance.

In 1990, Goh Chok Tong became the new Prime Minister yet Mr. Lee Kwan Yew remained the minister mentor even till present day. Singapore embraced democracy as their form of government. From then on changes in Singaporean policy and framework were inherent to support their booming economy.

One change in Singaporean's policy was in the year 2002 when the legislative body vetoed around the clock establishments or nightclubs open for 24 hours. Moreover, in the year 2004, gambling was legalized though some citizen and government representatives protest. Now that gambling was legal, Singaporean government made deals with various gaming companies around the world. The deal was to build two casino / resorts which cost 4 billion dollars each.

One of the casinos will be located on the Southern strip of Marina Bay with approximately 24 hectares. When this said casino will be completed in 2009 this will be the first casino in the city. The casino is not far from the financial district and will be composed of three identical 50-story towers with 2,500 hotel rooms, 2 theaters, an ice skating rink, shops and restaurants which will be convenient for businessmen and visitors.

The other casino will be developed by Malaysia's Genting International particularly in Sentosa Island in spite of the island's controversial issue.